Abstract Art | Katrin Neudeck

UNI.KATE is more than just a title for her works. They are unique, unequalled, they are – obviously – one of a kind. That, however, applies to just about any and all artworks and artists of all fields . UNI.KATE signifies Katrin Neudeck’s personal journey to herself and thus, to everything.

The term UNI.KATE [a German expression meaning ‘unique specimens’, here capitalized and separated by a full stop] was born anew when I retired from working as a police officer and started focusing on my art. My friends call me ‘Kate’. When I read Uniqueness instead of Uniforms on a poster in Berlin, that left a lasting mark on me. It seemed so fitting for me and my journey. Uniforms and Uniqueness were opposed to one another.

Katrin Neudeck’s works are impulsive and impassioned expressions of her emotions and her conception of the world. Togetherness, (self-)awareness, love and themes of social justice are a common display in her art, as well as the polarities between uniforms or norms and individuality and uniqueness of every being. While literary as well as musical influences are central to her creative process, nature is her greatest source of inspiration.
She prefers working with acrylics on canvas, on paper or on wood, usually including various materials and techniques in a painting. Instead of palette knives, she uses brushes. Distinct structures, juts and indentations as well as strong contrasts create tangible vividness in her works.

Art is my language. A universal, all-embracing language that knows no bounds. Art expresses what cannot be expressed in words. Nothing is more authentic and true to me than art is. By now, I count having a high sensitivity as one of my greatest strenghts. It makes me aware of what happens both on the inside and the outside. That way, I can illustrate what I am capable of feeling and seeing. In my works, you can find me. I am showing and opening myself up to you, taking you with me on my personal journey: always hoping to affect and move you.

Born 1984 in Thuringia, Katrin studied Sports and Fine Art in Leipzig before deciding to pursue a career in the police and working for a decade as a police officer in Berlin.
Now entirely dedicated to her art, she lives and works in Leipzig. 
Currently, an artist interview with Katrin Neudeck can be found on the German art platform Deine Lieblingskünstler .